Committed To Your Success

Technology enables businesses to improve efficiency, but simultaneously presents risks that compromise data security and industry compliance. At Accurate Data Services, we provide support and solutions that minimize risk and downtime, while maximizing business productivity.

Our management services ensure that your infrastructure is secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards. By enlisting our team to proactively maintain and troubleshoot, you can capitalize on internal staff availability, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind.
Protect your business from cybercriminals by installing content filters and firewalls, and monitoring usage. We offer a host of options designed to minimize risk of exposure to cybercrime, keeping your data secure and your hard-earned reputation intact.
Prevent hackers from accessing your data or infecting it with dangerous malware. Our technicians are available to configure secure email accounts, educate employees about safe web practices, and attend to all spam-related issues.
Take advantage of the latest storage platform by entrusting your data to the Cloud and lowering costs. Our team can upgrade your operations to remote computing, with flexible payment options and frequent backups. Authorized users can now access information easily, anytime, anywhere.
We value the success of your business, and promise to do all we can when disaster strikes. Our sophisticated technologies allow us to access and retrieve data lost to unforeseen emergencies, getting your business quickly back on its feet.
With numerous operations happening simultaneously, your work environment needs to be technologically efficient and reliable. Our techs are on-site when you need them, configuring devices and hardwiring to increase productivity and eliminate headaches.
We’re here to alleviate the responsibility of staffing, operating and maintaining your power and cooling infrastructures. Let our team manage the storage and maintenance of your servers and applications so you can focus solely on your business mission.
Secure your business data with routine backups. We’ll install systems that frequently scan your hard drive for new and changed files, ensuring that nothing is mistakenly overwritten or lost if disaster strikes.
We assist our clients with the design, implementation, and installation of security, audio visual and communication systems that ensure smooth operations. Once installed, we offer on-site maintenance and adjustments to optimize efficiency and minimize frustration.